This is a placeholder representing the front page of the site. At the start, it would be pretty simple, listing projects and perhaps linking to some recommended external resources, such as our YouTube channel, forum, and documentation. It’s currently configured to show both LightBurn and MillMage projects, with the MillMage category highlighted in purple (this is done with CSS, and is easily modified to use the right shade of purple or removed entirely). There are separate landing pages for LightBurn and MillMage, which filter out content not relevant to each program. Eventually, if it’s something that would be useful, we can also add filters like what you see in online shopping, to be able to find articles that meet certain criteria.

Please disregard formatting of the various archive pages – they’re not really part of what I’m showing here, so I haven’t wasted time doing anything with them.

One important note I’d like to add is that at the present time, this page is separate from the archive page showing all posts. I anticipate collapsing these into the same page when we first take the full site public, but as we build out more content, I think it’s worthwhile to have the home page showing off featured content.

Over time, I would expect the front page (and landing pages) to evolve. Some of the content types we’ve discussed:

  • Spotlight articles for makers and projects that aren’t well suited to a how-to format
  • Troubleshooting guides
  • Information about materials and appropriate cut settings
  • Downloadable files
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